Publishing News – Indigo to sell photography?

Just recently announced that Indigo Books & Music Inc. will add a photography department.  Customers will be able to bring in their own photos to print, create photobooks, buy photography as art and get their portrait taken.

They are taking on this new endeavour to compensate for declining book sales for traditional book retailers, even though Indigo saw positive growth over the past retail year.  On top of this they will also increase the amount of their own branded gift products they sell, and expand their toy departments to all 75 stores.

Essentially, Heather Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books & Music Inc. hopes that by adding more features to her stores, it will continue to entice people to still shop at stores versus just online.

Very interesting.  With the success of their toy and gift departments, I can see why they are expanding their reach further, especially in to the photo book market; I assume they will offer some pretty cool features.  But will it be successful? They are testing the in-store photo departments in 2 stores.

It seems Indigo is trying to become more and more like a one-stop shop, but a one-stop shop for what?  Next stop: Indigo clothing line?  Hmmm… would I buy from an Indigo clothing line?

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Publishing News – Indigo to sell photography?

  1. I really feel like they didn’t research this properly. Have they not realized that people don’t print their photos anymore? Or sit for portraits?

    I like the idea of photo albums and even artwork for sale. At least it speaks to the company as a BOOK seller. However, I think having an actual photography department requires expertise that they won’t be able to provide at every location. Particularly with something like a portrait sitting.

  2. It will be interesting to see how they adapt to this new component of their store. With the success of their gift department and gift products, I can see an easy transition into photography. You are right though, the question is how much should they include in this department?

  3. I would have liked Indigo to reach into the world of photography because of its close connection to other art mediums (such as books, etc) and not just as a revenue booster. It has the same feeling for me as Walmart’s decision to sell groceries. Too many stores trying to do everything at once instead of just doing what they do best: sell books.

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