Pub. news: Margaret Atwood, coffee connoisseur

I apologize for taking a blogging hiatus over the past couple weeks – although I did update literacy news! Ever since that transformer blew up in Toronto and our power went out, our computers have never been the same. I’m not sure how files corrupt themselves, but mine are doing so in regular intervals now.

Anyways, not the point of this post. Another author has started their own brand, this time dabbling in the coffee industry. Margaret Atwood has helped create a bird-friendly coffee, brewing at Balzac Coffee Chains this August.

It’s called The Atwood Blend, and is described as being a medium blend with “a mild and gracious backdrop allowing a supple caramel finish.” Yum!

Owner of Balzac, Diana Olsen, worked with Atwood through her partner Graeme Gibson, providing her with four different coffee options, all organic and shade-grown in Mexico and Bolivia. All of them are certified bird-friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

Shade-grown coffee beans play a key role in the conservation of migratory birds, as they provide a preferred habitat for them. As the coffee market continues to grow, however, coffee bean farmers are turning to sun grown fields of coffee beans, a quicker alternative to shade-grown. Unfortunately this cuts down on ideal habitats for migratory birds and this has led to a population decrease.

Atwood has long been a bird-lover, and is currently an adviser to the non-profit Pelee Island Bird Observatory board.  Balzac’s will donate $1 to the Pelee Island Bird Observatory board for each pound of coffee sold.

I love that Canadian authors are gaining such celebratory status now that they are creating their own branded products!

Coffee date at Balzac’s this August anyone?


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