Reflections on The Word On The Street Toronto

We are putting together an e-newsletter for the month and wanted to include YOUR personal reflections on the festival. We know how we felt about the day, but we want to know how all of you felt! In a few sentences, tell us why you love The Word On The Street or what your loved about festival day. Your reflection could be published in our next e-newsletter. You can either post it as a comment or feel free to email me (Kristen) at

What visitor’s have been saying so far:

We were delightfully surprisedwhen Giles Blunt read an excerpt from his latest book. I had just finished it and my husband had just started reading it.

Loved the cheap magazine subscriptions, the children’s book characters walking around, and meeting Yann Martel.

Now it’s your turn! All who enter a personal reflection will not only have the chance to get published in our e-newsletter but will also be entered to win a Festival Prize Pack of three books and passes to the Ontario Science Centre!

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Thanks all and looking forward to hearing from you.


3 thoughts on “Reflections on The Word On The Street Toronto

  1. The Fartie Ladies had the best time telling everyone about “Meet the Farties”. My book is about a family of little ..”BUTTS”.. and their gassy adventures. It teaches manners in a funny way…so everyone loves it….
    This was the first time we had been to “Word on the Street” and we had a blast. The line up never stopped at our booth of both children and adults from 11:00 to 6:00 . Everyone loves “Meet the Farties” and got a good laugh out of the “Fartie Ladies” all dressed up in BIG PINK WHOOPEE costumes telling the story..
    Would we come back to “Word on the Street”…You..BUTT..we will!!!!
    Even Jessica Holmes, a author herself and from “Canadian Air Farce” came to our booth to get “Meet the Farties” for her kids…she said it was really funny. We were thrilled as Jessica knows …FUNNY…
    All the staff was just fantastic to work with and it was just one of the most fun times we have had and we’ve had a few!!!!!!!!
    Thank you “Word on the Street”…. The Fartie Ladies….

  2. Volunteering at the Sylvan tent was an amazing experience. My day consisted of talking to festival go-ers, painting children’s faces, handing out balloons, and also having the opportunity to absorb the festival atmosphere. I made several new discoveries – of local writers and print organizations. As well, my all-time favorite author – Yann Martel JUST happened to be there too! This was much too coincidental. I ran back home to grab my copy of “Life of Pi”, as I can back awestruck to listen to him talk about “Beatrice and Virgil” and talk about the interesting behavior of sloths. My signed,well-loved copy of “Life of Pi” as well as the memories I had at “Word on the Street” will be cherished forever!

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