Writer’s Words: Patricia Storms

Our new weekly feature: Author’s Festival Reflections! Every Wednesday we will feature one of our 2010 scheduled festival authors on our blog who were kind of enough to share their thoughts about this year’s festival.

This week’s contributor: Patricia Storms! She hosted the Children’s Reading Tent from 11:30 – 2:20.


I am a bit of a ham, it’s true, and in spite of performance jitters, I do enjoy some fun in the spotlight. So I was naturally thrilled that I got the chance to be one of the hosts at the Children’s Reading Tent for The Word On The Street this year. Of course it’s not all about me – the best part of that job was having the opportunity to introduce all the talented authors and illustrators who were reading that morning.

Some of the highlights of that fun-filled day include: the awe-inspiring humour and energy of author/illustrator Ruth Ohi; Frieda Wishinsky’s hilarious reading of her new book, The Queen’s Secret which including donning a hat she had purchased many years ago but had never worn until that day; a very entertaining performance by author Kyo Maclear with her musician husband, which included a fantastic Dylanesque song to accompany Kyo’s picture book Spork; and the piece de resistance for the day – Heather Hartt-Sussman, author of Nana’s Getting Married, brought with her a ton of giant chocolate chip cookies(!) to give away to the audience (and thankfully, the host!). It was a glorious sunny morning, and I encountered many happy readers young and old who told me how much they enjoyed their time at The Word On The Street.

I must add, however, that the day did not exactly start off on such a positive note. Just before I was to leave my home to get to Queen’s Park, I actually managed to get locked in my bathroom, and could not, no matter how hard I tried, get out! I live in an old house, and the bathroom door had been causing some sticky problems recently, and as luck would have it, that door decided to give me grief just as I was about to attend The Word On The Street. But did I let that stop me? No way. My super-hero husband smashed the bathroom door open, thus saving the day (and the host). Because, really – how could I possibly miss such an amazing event?


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