Follow Friday: Open Book: Toronto

Another new feature to our blog. Hoorah! I’m bringing the famed twitter hashtag #followfriday to the blog world! More specifically, my blog world. Every Friday I will publish a post about a certain website that I believe all book-lovers, CanLit aficionados, writers, readers, and generally people like me, might find interesting. Anything from book blogs, literary magazines, author websites, arts organizations, etc.

First up: Open Book: Toronto!

Their tagline says it all, “Your connection to Toronto’s vibrant literary scene.” The Word On The Street has a long standing relationship with them — they were our media partner for our Digital Drive Stage this past festival.

It’s a web-based publication with the sole purpose of immersing itself into Toronto’s literary scene and sharing what they find with you. It mainly focuses on books, authors and events related to Ontario’s independent, Canadian-owned publishers. They want to keep you in the know about Toronto’s vibrant literary community, and do so in informative and entertaining ways — articles, videos, questionnaires, a Writer-in-Residence, etc.

Two of my favourite Open Book: Toronto features are the Proust Questionnaire and the Questionless Books Interview inspired by the Proust Questionnaire. They are fun and quick ways to catch a glimpse of an author’s or writer’s personality. The Proust Questionnaire is a classic Q & A format, while in the Questionless  Books Interview an author is provided with half of a sentence and are told to complete the thought by finishing the sentence.

They also offer an e-newsletter that gives you a taste-test of the site each month.

Happy reading.


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