Follow Friday: Joyland

Joyland is the perfect literary escape to get you through this fine Friday. It calls itself “a hub for short fiction” and is one of the most successful online literary magazines.

It’s based in Toronto but serves readers and writers of short fiction throughout North America and London, England. The founders of Joyland, authors and writers Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis, created this online literary magazine to establish a new way to publish short fiction . In Joyland, editors from across North America are asked to select and post short stories written by authors in their respective locales. This gives the site a great span of voices and a unique style.

Some Joyland authors include Sheila Heti (How Should a Person Be), Sarah Selecky (This Cake is for the Party— Giller nominee) and Zoe Whittall (Bottle Rocket Hearts–Top 10 CBC Reads!– and Holding Still for as Long as Possible). Not to mention Emily Schultz’s own novel Heaven is Small (shortlisted for the Trillium Book Award) and Brian Joseph Davis’ novel Ronald Reagan, My Father.

Happy reading.


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