Writer’s Words: Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay spoke in The Remarkable Reads Tent, presented by Random House of Canada and McClelland & Stewart, during the World of Crime hour from 3:00 – 4:00. He discussed the art of writing crime novels with fellow crime writers Giles Blunt and Howard Shrier.

He also read from his most recent novel Never Look Away.


I believe the first The Word On The Street I was involved in, in some way, was 1996, and I have been to almost every one since. For many years I was at the Toronto Star Tent, when I still worked at the newspaper, and we always had a good crowd of people interested in meeting the Star writers, and finding out how the paper is put together.

Since leaving the paper I’ve been in various authors’ tents (sounds like a place where writers are fed a couple of times a day) and I always have a great time because it’s one of the nicest ways to connect with your readers. It’s up close and personal, and very informal, and it’s fun, as a writer to not only run into fans, but other writers as well.

And I think The Word On The Street has gotten even better since it moved to Queen’s Park Circle. There’s room to move around, there’s shade to be found, and there’s a festive atmosphere about the whole thing.

If you haven’t been, why not?


About his book:

Never Look Away is Linwood Barclay’s latest mesmerizing thriller. Within hours of arriving at an amusement park, David Harwood’s son and wife go missing. Confused and worried, David finds himself desperately searching for any clue that could lead him to his family — even if it means unraveling a tangle of lies and deception that becomes more complicated at every turn.

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