Follow Friday: Wattpad

Another Friday already! That means we have a new site for you to check out today … drum roll please … Today’s Follow Friday is Wattpad: The world’s most popular eBook community!

Some of you may already be familiar with this site, but it is such a goody, I couldn’t resist.

Wattpad launched in 2006 with the desire to completely revolutionize the way written works are published and read. It provides writers (both published and undiscovered) with a unique platform to share their work, whether it be short stories, fan fiction, poetry, a novel, etc., with millions of readers online; and it is available on any platform a reader could want including apps for the Apple iphone/ipad, Android, Blackberry, etc. Readers can browse through the many stories published on Wattpad by categories (Vampire, Wereworlf, fantasy, humour, etc) or by what’s new/ what’s hot!

In turn, readers can ‘become a fan’ of, like and vote for their favourite authors, stories, characters, etc., in the hopes that their favourites win one of the coveted Watty Awards, which Wattpad describes as the MTV Movie Awards for fiction.

One of my favourite aspects of Wattpad actually is that the authors include a list of actors/actresses they would cast as their characters. I love seeing everyone’s Hollywood wishlist!

On their blog, Wattpad posts daily Wattpad updates and good news about their readers and writers. Recently they published a great post by one of their writers, Shanice Williams, whose Wattpad novel is now being published! It’s hitting store shelves in May 2011. Wattpad inspired her to write, and her fans inspired her to submit her novel to publishers. To her surprise it was quickly snapped up! Congratulations Shanice!

Warning though, Wattpad is addictive for both readers and writers alike! Enjoy.


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