Follow Friday: Advent Book Blog

Follow Friday, a holiday edition.

December is one of my favourite months for a variety of reasons. Number 1:  It has a lot of holidays; Number 2: It is the last month of the year — fresh start!; and number 3: It has advent calendars. I love waking up every December morning with the prospect of opening a tiny cardboard door and finding a chocolate behind it. I don’t know why more months don’t follow this technique, it just makes the month that much better.

So when I found out there was an advent blog, even better an advent book blog, I knew I was in for a treat. Now not only do I get a chocolate every morning but I also get to read a quick snippet review about a book that would have otherwise escaped me.

Advent Book Blog is an annual book recommendation project created by Julie Wilson (you may know her as Book Madam) and Sean Cranbury. They offer it as an alternative buying guide for the holiday season, and everyday in December several, unique books are showcased. Each review is about 75 words, and is posted/written by various literary and book lovers. It makes for a very eclectic book list. You’ll never know what you’ll discover next!



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