Writer’s Words: Mark Sedore

Mark Sedore read from his novel Snowmen in the Great Books Marquee at 12:00 in one of two Short but Sweet segments. He spoke along with Michael Lista and Iain Reid.


Reading to a tent full of book-lovers – many of whom were unfamiliar with my work – was a great experience overall.  The Festival took place on the same day of the Toronto Marathon, and my co-panelists (Michael Lista and Iain Reid) allowed me to read third so that two of my siblings and their partners (all four of whom were running in the marathon) could make it on time.  Each runner broke their personal bests in order to make it, and they sat at the back and recuperated (the tent was pretty full) while I read.

Signing books afterwards was fun, as I was placed beside Lauren Kirshner, a Toronto Book Award nominee.  She’s in one of my classes in graduate school and we were both surprised to see the other there, never mind to find ourselves sitting beside each other.  To her right was Mayor David Miller, who had a long line-up of people waiting to get their books signed by him, or to thank him for serving our city for seven years.  So I think that was nice for both me and Lauren to sit there and have a huge line-up of people in front of us, even if they weren’t there for us specifically.

I’ve lived in Toronto all my life, and have been a lover of books all my life, yet I’m sorry to admit that this year was my first year at The Word On The Street.  This, despite the fact that I attend many other Toronto festivals year-round, and also the department I formerly worked with at the City of Toronto are the ones who put on the Toronto Book Awards.  At any rate, I have no idea why I stayed away for so long, and regret my years of absenteeism.  The Festival was fantastic.  Book lovers as far as the eye could see, from all over the city, in one of the best public spaces in Toronto.  It was an honour to have been invited.


About his book: Charles Perth has left his comfortable life in Toronto to complete a record-setting trek across the Arctic Circle. He has trained for the cold—but nothing can prepare him for the deadly game of sabotage being played from far away by his unstable and resentful dying brother. Mark Sedore’s Snowmen won the 32nd Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest.


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