Follow Friday: Kathleen Winter

I am now addicted to Kathleen Winter’s live journal “We Drank Cachaca and Smoked the Green Cheroot“. Kathleen Winter is the author of the much-acclaimed novel Annabel, and she has vowed that 2011 is the year of doing something new daily to break old habits. I am in awe of her commitment. Who hasn’t dreamed of making this their resolution? I certainly have but am far too chicken to actually act on it.

With Kathleen’s live journal not only does she showcase her wonderful and insightful writing but you also get to experience the “something new” right along with her through her daily posts. Whether it’s something small like wearing red tights or something bigger like taking tai chi, it’s really interesting to get such an intimate view into such a great Canadian author’s life.  You can truly appreciate her decision to break old habits and understand how much courage it takes to change, and, of course, to wear those lovely red tights.

I look forward to seeing what she does tomorrow.


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