Toronto’s Literary Death Match

What a night! Tension filled the air at Gladstone Hotel last night as author’s were pitted against each other in the ultimate death match — a literary one.

Confused? Well, when you picture the Literary Death Match, think of American Idol but instead of singers competing, it’s authors. Four authors were given 7 minutes to give the reading of their lives. If they went over the 7 minutes, they would be shot, literally shot… with a Nerf gun. Their reading would then be dissected and discussed by three judges. What does 7 minutes + one nerf gun + 3 judges equal? One of the most hilarious and entertaining nights possible, especially when you see who the players were in this particular match.

The four authors were Brian Francis (author of Fruit), Holly Luhning (author of Quiver), Nathaniel G. Moore (Author of Wrong Bar) and Iain Reid — a WOTS 2010 author! – (author of One Bird’s Choice).

The three judges were Stephen Marche (Author of How Shakespeare Changed Everything), Bianca Spence (literary do-it-all) and NatalieZed (journo-poet-mastermind).

In the first round Nathaniel G. Moore and Brian Francis battled it out, with Moore coming out on top. The second round saw Iain Reid take on Holly Luhning, with Holly Luhning taking no prisoners. This left Nathaniel G. Moore and Holly Luhning vying to be the Literary Death Match champion in the grand finale. And what a finale. It all came down to an epic cupcake throwing competition where the goal was to get the icing as close to Margaret Atwood’s mouth — admittedly, it was a poster — as possible. Only this would prove true literary merit, obviously! With her 60 km/hr throws, Holly Luhning lay waste to Nathaniel G. Moore, despite his great efforts, taking home the Literary Death Match medal of honour. Congratulations Holly!

I loved it and highly recommend you attend the next death match. If you don’t mind poor picture quality, take a peek at the photos below. I managed to sneak a couple covert images, but it was a little dark in the theatre and my poor camera just could not handle the pressure, sadly.

The three judges: Stephen Marche, Bianca Spence and NatalieZed

A covert picture of Iain Reid doing a great read of one of his National Post essays — so hilarious!

Brian Francis was worried his shirt made him look like a stained glass window, we think he looks dashing!

The grand finale. The big white streak of icing is Holly Luhning’s winning throw.

Have a lovely weekend!

– Kristen.

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