Darcy’s Corner: Banjo of Destiny

Here is our latest review from our 9 and 3/4-year-old reviewer, Darcy S. Click here to read more about him.


Banjo of Destiny by Cary Fagan is about a boy named Jeremiah Birnbaum.  Because he is rich, other people expect him to have everything he ever wished for, but his heart’s desire is to play the banjo and his parents don’t want him to.  Despite this problem, Jeremiah uses his creative mind to build one on his own…

I liked the character of Jeremiah because he had a very big imagination. I also admire his concentration on making the banjo.

Another thing I liked about Banjo of Destiny is the detail and descriptive writing.  For instance, I really liked how the author described every little detail about how to make a banjo.  Also, I’m someone who likes reading about the architecture of good houses or settings and Jeremiah had a really cool house.

Oh…and one last cool thing about the book.  Did I tell you his parents are rich because of making automatic dental floss?  Weird!

I couldn’t put this book down.  It is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read.  I would recommend this book to boys and girls who are music lovers, who like architecture, and like reading about rich people.

I loved this book and I’m rating it 5/5!

This is Darcy S. signing off.  Keep reading and I’ll see you at the festival.

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2 thoughts on “Darcy’s Corner: Banjo of Destiny

  1. Great review Darcy, I like your points about the details in the book and the irony you use when talking about the rich parents. Can’t wait to read your next review

  2. I live in Australia and you ceertainly made me interested in the book Darcy! I’m not really interested in rich people, but I giggled over the idea of making money from automated dental floss. I am all in favour of kids being determinmined enough to make their own musical instruments. Thank you for making me aware of this book!
    Rossie K

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