Darcy’s Corner: The Luck of Jude

Here is our latest review from our 9 and 3/4-year-old reviewer, Darcy S. Click here to read more about him.


The book The Luck of Jude, written by Andrew Larsen, is about a young boy named Jude who arrives at school one day to find his best friend in a fight with Terrence, the new kid from England. Later, as he is walking home with another friend, Holly, she tells him that if a person is hit on the head with a chestnut it is good luck. At that moment, Jude is hit on the head by a chestnut.  Holly introduces Jude to an old English game called “Conkers” which is played with chestnuts on strings. How can Conkers, luck and fighting come together? To find out, youʼll have to read the book.

I liked this book because I can relate to it. It reminded me of when I moved from Australia to Canada and how difficult it is to fit into a new place. Jude and Terrence have also moved to a new school and new country, so I can relate to how hard they find it. I thought the author explained that really well.

I also really enjoyed the way the book explained what Conkers are. I like learning about games from other countries, so I might try playing it myself. According to the book a good place to get chestnuts is in High Park.

I could also relate to the main characters as they are around my age and like the same things as me, such as hockey and astronomy. I thought the characters were realistic and the story was very interesting.

I would recommend this book for boys aged 8-12 because the main characters are around that age and it will make them think about their own lives and the importance of friendship.


One thought on “Darcy’s Corner: The Luck of Jude

  1. Great review Darcy! I can’t wait to read this book. (Even though I’m a girl.) I am interested in getting a better understanding of what it is like to move to a new country when young – my mom came to Canada when she was around 12 and she has 2 younger brothers and a younger sister.

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