Exhibitor Highlight: Julie Faulkner

The Word On The Street is happy to welcome back cartoonist Julie Faulkner to the Exhibitor Marketplace! She is exhibiting in Fringe Beat in booth FB6 with Brian Evinou. This is her second year exhibiting at the festival, and her first year exhibiting as a published author!

Julie will be launching her first book Starting Tomorrow, a collection of her online comics called “Promises, Promises“, at The Word On The Street this year. Her comics are about Promises Fitness, a posh, suburban health club staffed by Fiona, Trish and Shanta. These three are well-meaning, cheeky fitness professionals doing their best to keep a very resistant membership in peak condition. Julie says that her comics revolve around the idea of “making a good effort.” The comics give a fun and honest look at diet and fitness, and the struggles/successes that come with trying to live a healthy lifestyle, because as Julie says, “we’re all human.”

To celebrate the launch of Starting Tomorrow, Julie will be selling and offering personalized signings of her book, which will include an original sketch inside… for free! Brian Evinou, who is sharing a booth with Julie, also has a new story published online. So make sure to stop by their booth on festival day to say hi to both of them and congratulate Julie on her new book — it will definitely give you a chuckle. Fun trivia fact! Julie volunteered at the festival for 3 years, before she became an exhibitor 🙂


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