Darcy’s Corner: Merci Mister Dash

Here is our latest review from our 9 and 3/4-year-old reviewer, Darcy S. Click here to read more about him.


Merci Mister Dash, by Monica Kulling, is about a well-dressed dog who likes to read the paper and enjoy peace and quiet with his owner, Madame Croissant.  Sundays are another story!  On Sundays, Madame Croissant’s granddaughter comes to visit. Daphne is a wild and rambunctious child.  Mister Dash always tries to get out to read the paper before Daphne gets to his house but one day he is too late.  He is about to go for his morning jog when Daphne bursts in and a grabs him.  However, no matter how much she hassles him, he is too polite to bite her and he ends up being her hero.

I like that Mister Dash is a very human-like dog in the way he dressed.  It was funny that he wore a fleece hoodie for his morning jog.

I think that the illustrations are excellent and very detailed.  I like picture where Daphne and Mister Dash are eating popcorn and the food is going everywhere.  The detail in this picture is swirly – especially the caramel popcorn.

I also really like the message that no matter how much someone annoys you, you should not let them get hurt or hurt them yourself.  This is an important message for kids.

I’m going to recommend this book to kids aged 5-9 because it’s a funny and entertaining book that is easy to read.

I’m rating the book a 9 out of 10 on the Darcy scale.

This is Darcy S. signing off.  Keep reading and I’ll see you at the festival.


3 thoughts on “Darcy’s Corner: Merci Mister Dash

  1. Dear Darcy, I have to thank you so much for writing this wonderful review for my book, Merci Mister Dash. THANK YOU! You write well. I’ve enjoyed reading your book reviews for Word On the Street. See you Sunday!

  2. I have to add, that I’m so pleased you didn’t write that this is a book about manners. It is not a book about the importance of manners, and I never intended it to be.

    You write it best: “I also really like the message that no matter how much someone annoys you, you should not let them get hurt or hurt them yourself.”

    You got it. Write on, Darcy!

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