This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage: Something Wicked by Lesley Anne Cowan

This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage is new to The Word On the Street in 2011! This new stage features hourly, genre-based, interactive programming sessions showcasing great Canadian young-adult books, authors, and artists plus the all-new Open Mic Hour. To celebrate, we have asked teens to read and review the books appearing on the stage! This is Sherry Lay’s first review. She reviewed Something Wicked by Lesley Anne Cowan, who is appearing on the stage at 3:30 PM in the session titled “That’s What She Said.”


Title: Something Wicked

Author: Lesley Anne Cowan

Publisher: Puffin Canada

Published Date: June 2010

Source: Courtesy of the LOVELY Kristen from The Word On The Street Toronto 🙂

You can only be strong for so long. 16 year old Melissa seems to be on a path of no return when her and her 28-year-old boyfriend Michael split up. First comes the anger than comes the fall. Melissa spirals into a depression and all she does to cope with the loss is let herself into the world of drugs, alcohol and meaningless hook-ups that earn her a bad, BAD reputation. There is help for her and people to listen to what she really has to say but Melissa can’t bring herself to take the offer. Her single mother seems like she could care less about what Melissa is smoking and who she is doing, sometimes all Melissa really needs is for her mom to get her act straight. Emotions run extremely high between Melissa and the people in her life, which makes her believe that there really is no hope for a better life. Melissa’s future looks blurry, at times a future seems impossible for her. One night, something happens to Melissa that makes her open her eyes for the first time. She’s stuck and in too deep of a depression. It’s up to her if she wants to give her life another go or if she wants to give up entirely.

Our mistakes do not define us, and I think that’s one thing Something Wicked teaches you. Regardless of how you were brought up, you have the ability to do something right for yourself because you deserve it. You must first be willing to let change in. What was really unique about Something Wicked was how daring it was. There were no limits to how far Melissa’s character was willing to go and that allowed for such a bigger storyline.

Such a bold and vulnerable main character, the story that is told of Melissa is one that points out the darkness of everything that we love, lust, and long for! Both a painful and eye opening read! Something Wicked was something beautiful.


About Sherry Lay:

Sherry Lay grew up never knowing the power of reading till now. She’s a full-time student and lover of YA fiction. When she’s not reading she’s watching some sort of movie or TV drama with very cute boys. She hates tomatoes but loves Ketchup. There’s not a moment in her day where she doesn’t stop to think what song would play right that second. She loves all things photography and has a weird obsession with Michael Buble. “Reading is not an escape from reality, but rather the entrance to it.” 10 years from now, she wants to be doing exactly what she’s doing right now: sharing her experiences with others – hopefully with a wiser mind.

Check out her blog, BloggityBLOG for more reviews and other book-ish things.


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