What The Word On The Street is Reading

This week I decided to read one of our many wonderful Canadian children’s books the we have in the office. I read The Stone Hatchlings writteby Sarah Tsiang, illustrated by Qin Leng, and published by Annick Press. Sarah will be reading from the book on Festival day in The Children’s Reading Tent, and this is a segment you will not want to miss! It’s a delightful story that encourages and celebrates the power of imagination, one of my favourite things!

About the Book

A child’s imagination takes flight.

When Abby finds two warm, round stones in the backyard, she “adopts” them, pretending they’re unhatched birds. She lovingly builds them a cozy nest and watches over them constantly until one day she imagines that with a crick and a crack, the stones hatch to reveal two gray chicks. With a flourish of her paintbrush, Abby colors the birds yellow, blue, and green, and proceeds to take excellent care of them.

Then the make-believe birds stop singing. Soon they also stop eating, and when they start to lose their feathers Abby realizes it is time to let them go. She waves goodbye as they fly off. But every morning, two new birds appear at the window and sing to Abby.

As in their bestselling book, A FLOCK OF SHOES, this gifted author-illustrator team captures perfectly the whimsical imagination of a small child for whom anything is possible.


I love the illustrations of this book as well, very eye-catching and detailed. This book is sure to be a favourite for the whole family!

– Kristen.


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