What The Word On The Street Is Reading

This week, our volunteer coordinator Meredith delved into Erin Knight‘s poetry collection Chaser, published by House of Anansi this year. Erin will be presenting her work on the Great Books Marquee this year in “The Writer and the Body” segment at 3:45.

About the Collection:

Chaser is a book of poems that grows from the troubling premise that each of us lives in a state of pre-diagnosis. Our bodies are never under our control, and when illness strikes we must redraw the boundary between the well and the unwell, interacting with the world differently. In these poems, the experience of illness is applied to individuals, communities, economic systems, and travel between nations. In bracing, electric language and form, the book’s three threads — one following a group of patients and a character known as Invalid, one examining a scientist’s study of tuberculosis, and a third examining the language of manic economy — explore different notions of consumption, wellness, discovery, and growth.

Q & A with Meredith

1) What drew you to this poetry collection?

To be completely honest, the cover is eye catching and intriguing and definitely played a role in my decision to pick it up. Likewise the summary on the back described a really interesting take on health and wellness and I was curious to see how this subject was interpreted.

2) Did you enjoy reading it?

I did! I found the structure and imagery really engaging. It created a dark, cynical world that retained a sense of playfulness.

3) Would you recommend it?

I would recommend it for a day when you’re feeling reflective and introspective as it is a really interesting but generally not a light read.

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