What The Word On The Street is Reading

This week, our Volunteer Coordinator Meredith read Oddrey by Dave Whamond. This is a new children’s book published by Owlkids and being released in October, 2012! We’ll give you a sneak peek though of this great read on our blog, and it will be on sale at the Festival! Make sure to catch Dave Whamond reading from his children’s book in the Children’s Reading Tent at 1:10.

About the Book:

From Blue Spruce Award–winning author-illustrator Dave Whamond comes the story of Oddrey, a young girl who is a little bit different from everybody else. Her adventures and flights of fancy, however, are often a source of teasing at the hands of her classmates, but Oddrey faces these discouragements with optimism and offhanded grace. Full of witty, energetic, and vivid illustrations sure to resonate with young readers, Oddrey is an endearing story with a timeless message of how the misfits in our midst can be the ones we most often misjudge.

Q & A with Meredith

What interested you about this book?

Despite the age old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I notoriously choose my reading based on my response to covers and Oddrey‘s cover does not disappoint! With vibrant colours and an adorably simple character monopolizing the space, Oddrey sets up the reader for a fun and positive story. Beyond the cover, I was drawn to the message of the story:

Be you, be kind and eventually people will see how your differences make you special. I love this message for the young and old as it takes some people their entire life to discover, accept and be who they are at the core.  Not to mention that the illustrations are wonderful- vibrant and lively with a cornucopia of funny kid characters.

Did you enjoy reading it?

Absolutely! I think I had a grin on my face throughout the duration of my read. Once finished reading the text on a page, be sure to take a few seconds to scan the other kids in the playground and fields as they all have their own personalities that shine through.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend Whamond’s book to the young, young at heart and pretty well anyone. The message is great, the illustrations are lovely (especially the last page), and Oddrey (with her daisy) is a fantastic spokesperson for just being yourself!


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