Festival News: Announcing the This Is Not The Shakespeare line-up

This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage: The Word On The Street showcases Canada’s great young adult voices

After a successful launch in 2011, The Word On The Street is happy to welcome back the This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage to this year’s Festival. This stage was created to celebrate and explore the great young adult books, authors, and artists Canada has to offer.  It features hourly, genre-based, interactive programming sessions including author readings; spoken word performances; the Open Mic Hour; and writers’ workshops, including a song writing panel – new in 2012!

This year, The Word On The Street is proud to partner with Wattpad  to host the Open Mic Hour. This segment features emerging Toronto writers aged 13-19, who were selected by The Word On The Street from a series of submissions to present their work on stage, on festival day. Those selected include Damir Allen, Benjamin Gabbay, Caitlin Gallagher (with Liam Gallagher), Michael Chen, Miranda Lynn, Dante Mottillo, and Anessa Mustafa. See these budding writers read during the Open Mic Hour, presented by Wattpad, at 2:15 p.m.

A 2012 special event, The Word On The Street is thrilled to present some of Canada’s great song writers, in the segment Looking at Lyrics: The Art of Song Writing. Join musicians Casey Mecija, Derek Monson, Vivek Shraya, and Gentleman Reg as they discuss the poetry and craft of song writing at the This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage at 3:30 p.m.

Other author highlights include a panel discussion with Norah McClintock, Shane Peacock, Richard Scrimger, and Ted Staunton on writing collaboratively for their new Seven (the series) books, plus presentations by Canadian authors Megan Crewe, Deborah Kerbel, Lesley Livingston, Mariko Tamaki, Natalie Zina Walschots, Evan Munday, Grace O’Connell and Anthony Del Col.

For more information about the Stage, including a detailed schedule, visit: http://www.thewordonthestreet.ca/wots/toronto/whatson/notshakespeare.

About Wattpad:

Wattpad is the world’s largest community of readers and writers. It’s a free and fun way to read online and across every mobile device. Every day, millions of people find great fiction and share their own creative writing on Wattpad. Wattpad writers build fan bases made up of thousands of followers and many see over ten million reads of their stories; some have been discovered and signed by publishers while others have had work optioned for TV and film. Find over five million stories on Wattpad – spanning all genres of creative writing, including mystery, romance, sci-fi, poetry and fan fiction. For more information, visit: www.wattpad.com.


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