This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage Review: The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe

2012 marks the return of the This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage! This stage features hourly, genre-based, interactive programming sessions showcasing great Canadian young-adult books, authors, and artists plus the Open Mic Hour. To celebrate, we asked Sofia Licata, our teen read reviewer, to review a selection of books being featured on this stage in 2012! This is her second review, and features The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe. Megan will be reading and presented from her novel in the segment titled “Facing your fears Through Writing” at 1 p.m.  Read her first review of Ink Me by Richard Scrimger, here.


Title: The Way We Fall

Author: Megan Crewe

Publisher: Disney Hyperion, distributed by Hachette Book Group Canada

Published Date: Available Now

Kaelyn Weber is a lonely, 16-year-old girl who lives on an isolated island. Since moving back to the island from Toronto five years ago, Kaelyn hasn’t found a way to fit-in. Mckenzie and Rachel are her only friends, but seem to only like her because they think she is a party animal, which Kaelyn is not. She pretends to be a social butterfly because she likes their company.

Soon, she realizes that she has to make a change, and tries to be more friendly to her peers at school. However, the moment she decides to change her life for the better, a contagious and fatal virus strikes the island! The virus leads the infected to become overly social… and then they die. Amidst the chaos on the island, the government makes a decision that will change Kaelyn’s life forever; they quarantine the island.

This well-written novel reminds me of another wonderful book, The Hunger Games. They are both thrilling reads with a heroine that is trapped in a life-threatening situation. As well, both protagonists would rather save their loved ones, even if it means dying themselves.

This book is a jaw-dropping page turner. It has romance, thrills, and drama! It highlights the importance of living your life, with the moral, as I see it, that there is no point to life if you are not living it. “If we don’t celebrate the things that are going right, what’s the point on hanging on?”

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games and/or are 14-19 years old, I would definitely recommend this exciting novel!


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