Meet Sienna, our 2012 KidStreet reviewer!

This year, we are happy to welcome Sienna as our official KidStreet book reviewer! Sienna is a bright, energetic 5 year old girl who lives in Toronto. She goes to a Montessori school and started Grade 1 this September. She loves to ride her bike, dance, and swim. She is very excited to be a book reviewer for this year’s The Word On The Street, because she also, of course, loves to read!

Here’s the Q & A session we did with Sienna, so we could get to know her a bit more:

1) What is your favourite book?

Cinnamon Baby [featured at last year’s The Word On The Street festival]. I like that the mommy and daddy keep trying new things to help stop the baby from crying. The baby is cute and all the pretend tears make a river, but I know that’s just pretend. I went to France last year and the pictures remind me of being there. When I read the book I can actually smell a bakery.

2) What is your favourite food?

Macaroni and cheese. My mommy makes it and it’s pretty good, but I like the kind that comes in a box from the store better because the cheese is more real.

3) What is your favourite animal?

Zebra. I have slept with a stuffed zebra named Zoe since I was little:) She makes me happy. I want to go to Africa to see a wild one one day, but only if we don’t have to spend the night.

4) What is your favourite colour?

Yellow. Because it’s bright and pretty.

5) What do you enjoy about reading?

Most other kids that are as young as me can’t read yet, so I like reading to them when they ask me to. My mommy read to me when I was a baby all the time so I’m used to it now. I can’t go to sleep now without reading a story or two.

6) Why do you like The Word On The Street?

I like that it’s outside and near a park. I like getting stickers and seeing characters dressed up in costumes. Will I be big enough if there’s a bouncy castle?

Unfortunately, there is no bouncy castle at the Festival this year, but we are hosting some pretty fantastic characters, including Polkaroo! Sienna will be reviewing some of the titles being featured in KidStreet at this year’s festival, so make sure you check back to read her reviews!


7 thoughts on “Meet Sienna, our 2012 KidStreet reviewer!

    • Fantastic Sienna……(lets go to Africa together!!!!!!!!!!!)….Have a fun year at school….and reading……Great Auntie Ann

  1. Cinnamon Baby sounds like a great book, I would love to have you read it to me soon, maybe in the park tonight. Congratulations on your new job!

    Sara & Rogue

  2. Hi Sienna, happy that you are a book reviewer, you have great attention to details and can tell great stories behind any book! I love your work.

  3. Hi Sienna,

    When you told me about Cinnamon Baby I really wanted to read the book. The best think was you read it to me and Papa Russ.
    Mama Gerry

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