Festival News: What’s New Canada? Find out at The Word On The Street

What’s New, Canada? Find Out at Canada’s Largest Outdoor Bookstore

Each year, The Word On The Street Toronto is proud to host Canada’s largest outdoor bookstore in its Exhibitor Marketplace! With over 279 exhibitors in the Marketplace in 2012, it is virtually guaranteed that festival visitors will be able to find something that peaks their interest.

This year, The Word On The Street invites visitors looking to discover Canada’s hottest new books to visit its What’s New, Canada exhibitors, a new exhibitor category in 2012.

For the past 22 years, The Word On The Street has strived to bring Torontonians the very best of Canadian literature and are proud to now be recognized as the kick-off to the Fall book season.  This year, The Word On The Street wanted to celebrate those who have helped us achieve this goal – Canadian publishers and booksellers. The What’s New, Canada program will highlight exhibitors who are, like The Word On The Street, committed to showcasing the best and most recent releases of the Canadian book publishing industry.

Participating exhibitors will all have a red What’s New, Canada stamp of approval on their booth sign. This year’s participants include Aaspirations Publishing Inc., Annick Press, Coach House Books, Cormorant Books, ECW Press, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Guernica Editions, KidsThinkAboutIt, Mabel’s Fables Bookstore, The Remarkable Reads Tent – Presented by Ben McNally BookstoreRandom House Children’s Books, Scholastic Canada, The Cookbook Store, and Thomas Allen Publishers.

The Word On The Street encourages all booklovers to take the time to visit each of our What’s New, Canada exhibitors to discover some great, new reads.


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