What The Word On The Street Is Reading – KidStreet Reviews!

This week, The Word On The Street has a special guest blogger: our KidStreet reviewer Sienna! If you didn’t get a chance to read all about Sienna earlier this week, click here to read her first blog post.

This week Sienna read Oddrey by Dave Whamond. This book is about a young girl named Oddrey who is a little bit different from everybody else. Her adventures and flights of fancy, however, are often a source of teasing at the hands of her classmates, but Oddrey faces these discouragements with optimism and offhanded grace. Full of witty, energetic, and vivid illustrations sure to resonate with young readers, Oddrey is an endearing story with a timeless message of how the misfits in our midst can be the ones we most often misjudge.

Sienna answered some questions about Oddrey to let us know what she liked about it! Here is her review:

1) In your own words, what is this book about?

Not everyone is the same, especially kids. Some kids think of chandeliers when other kids think of just lightbulbs, and that’s OK. At the beginning Oddrey was lonely because there’s no one like her, which made me sad. But when things went wrong she was the one who helped everyone. In the end, it’s OK to be different.

2) What do you like about this book?

I like that Oddrey is different. I like that her name is Odd, like strange. And it’s neat that she can juggle bubbles.

3) What is your favourite part of the story?

I like that she has good ideas, even better ideas than the teacher. I love that she was singing in the rain, even when everyone else was in a bad mood. I was also happy that I got to watch The Wizard of Oz after reading the book.

4) What do you like about the illustrations?

It’s bright and full of different colours. And not too much stuff on each page to make it hard to see what’s happening.

5) Why should kids read this book?

Kids should know that it’s OK to not be the same as each other. Instead of Oddrey changing to be like everybody else, I liked that everybody else changed at the end to be more like her.

6) If you could ask a question of the author or illustrator, what would it be?

Why is Dorothy wearing a red dress instead of blue? And was he like Oddrey when he was little, or if he’s old enough does he have a child that is like Oddrey?

Dave Whamond will be reading the Children’s Reading Tent at 1:10. Sienna will be reviewing more books being featured in KidStreet this year, so make sure to keep checking back!


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