KidStreet Reviews: Bye, Bye, Butterflies

In 2012, The Word On The Street is excited have the lovely 5-year-old Sienna reading and reviewing some of the titles being featured on our KidStreet stages at this year’s Festival! To learn more about Sienna, click here to read her first blog post.

This week, Sienna read Bye, Bye, Butterflies by Andrew Larsen. This book is about a young boy named Charlie. One day on a walk with his dad Charlie sees some boys and girls on the rooftop of the school saying goodbye as they release butterflies up into the sky. Charlie is amazed by all the butterflies flying around and wishes he could do something like that too. When Charlie starts school next year he becomes a “butterfly scientist” as well and helps his teacher and classmates care for some teeny tiny caterpillars as they grow into butterflies and are released by Charlie and his class. “Bye Bye Butterflies!”

1) In your own words, what is this book about?

A little boy who watches a butterfly life cycle. The kids go through a life cycle too, starting school, a winter and a spring. (I admit, says Sienna’s mom, that I missed that part:)

2) What do you like about this book?

I liked watching the butterflies go from start to finish. And that it has cool facts at the end too. I even drew Charlie and a butterfly from the instructions.

3) What is your favourite part of the story?

At the beginning when Charlie was walking with his dad and was talking not listening. Then he stopped to listen and he saw the butterflies. Then he saw another little boy with his dad at the end, just like him.

4) What do you like about the illustrations?

I liked the teacher’s hair, it’s crazy. And I liked the boy with red hair and lots and lots of freckles. I wondered why all the kids were in a circle looking down, so I lay down on the ground and held the book above me so I could see what it would look like if I was a box.

5) Why should kids read this book?

To learn about butterflies and migration, but in a fun way.

6) If you could ask a question of the author or illustrator, what would it be?

How come some of the butterflies look like magazine pieces and not real butterflies? Why did he call what they eat goop? Did you know that in Africa 30,000 zebras migrate every year?

Great review Sienna 🙂 Andrew Larsen will be reading in the Children’s Reading Tent at 11:50. Sienna will be reviewing more books being featured in KidStreet this year, so make sure to keep checking back!


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