Festival News: Toronto Book Awards Reviews

This year, we are happy to welcome back our Toronto Book Awards‘ bloggers, Christine and Carol Sweeton – our mother/daughter blogging team! They will be reading and reviewing each of the 5 finalists for this year’s Toronto Book Awards, which were announced on August 30, 2012. To see who is nominated this year, click here. To read more about Christine and Carol, click here.

This is their fourth post of the series. Today, they are reviewing Writing the Revolution by Michele Landsberg. To see their first review, click here.

About the Book:

For 25 years, two‑time National Newspaper Award‑winning journalist Michele Landsberg wrote a highly influential column in the Toronto Star, recording and interpreting history from the front lines of the feminist movement. Her writing showed a fearless advocacy on behalf of women and children, peace and pluralism, human rights and social justice. Writing the Revolution is a collection of her key columns. With her trademark blend of kindness, toughness, bluntness and humour, Michele reflects on when she was right, when she was wrong, and what was happening behind the scenes. She also hails the passionate new generation of feminists working to see that the revolution continues.

Chris & Carol’s Review

Both Carol and Christine were intrigued but hesitant to read Writing the Revolution by Michele Landsberg. Even though the subject matter seemed fascinating, the idea of a book of complied newspaper articles did not appeal to either of the reviewers. How wrong they were! Landsberg’s columns made for fascinating, and sometimes horrifying, reading. Carol had always thought of herself as a feminist, and like Michele was working and raising a family in the 1980s and 90s; however, she is ashamed to say, that during that time period she was was unaware of some of the issues covered in the columns. Carol was amazed and embarrassed to see that in the not so distant past, Canada treated women in  ways we now condemn other countries for. She says, “The text educated me to what I had missed and reminded me of the battles we have won and those we continue to fight.” Christine found the book captivating – bus, streetcar, and subway rides flew by as she devoured Landsberg’s writing. Christine has identified this book as her favourite of the five 2012 Toronto Book Awards finalists. As a writer Landsberg holds nothing back! Landsberg gave the female perspective, encouraging and supporting courage – a true Canadian hero. Both Carol and Christine felt that Landsberg wrote (and continues to write – in her prologues to each column) with clarity and passion. Writing the Revolution is enjoyable and thought provoking!

See Michele Landsberg read from her nominated title at The Word On The Street in the Toronto Book Awards Tent at 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Make sure to say hi to Carol, she will be volunteering in that tent!



One thought on “Festival News: Toronto Book Awards Reviews

  1. I agree that Michelle Landsberg should be the winner of this year’s Toronto Book Awards. Her writing has always inspired me and it is so important that we know about and remember past battles, particularly in the present day when women’s rights are under attack. “Writing the Revolution” is a very important book, an excellent choice for this year’s winning selection.

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