This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage Review: Call the Shots by Don Calame

2013 marks the return of the This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage! This stage features hourly, genre-based, interactive programming sessions showcasing great Canadian young-adult books, authors, and artists plus the Open Mic Hour. To celebrate, we asked 16-year-old The Word On The Street volunteer Sofian Hashim to review a book featured on this stage. Sofian reviewed Call the Shots by Don Calame, who is presenting on stage at 12:10 PM.


ImageCall the Shots is an extremely entertaining story about a young man named Sean and the toilsome journey that he and his two best friends take after deciding to make an ultra-low budget horror film that is to be entered in a contest with a grand prize of fifty- thousand dollars. Throughout the process of making the film, Sean learns that he has to stop letting people push him around since that usually leads him to unwanted situations; he has to start taking control of his life and “Call the shots”.

Each of the characters in Call the Shots are very unique with their own distinctiveness and charisma. This makes for an unparalleled story as each of the characters adds his or hers own distinction to the plot. Another great aspect of the characters is how comparable they are to real people. This combined with the fact that the majority of the story is written in first person gives the reader the ability to put themselves in Sean’s shoes and not only read but also live the story.

As a young teenage male, I was able to understand, relate to, and also appreciate the many situations and dilemmas that Sean faced throughout the book; the author did a very good job of writing the book using the mentality of a teenage boy. There are a lot of commonly used phrases and acronyms in the book that are widely used amongst teens, as well as a few social situations that only a teenager would be able to fully understand; this book was indeed written for a teenage male audience.

Finally, the plot of this book is one full of surprises and cliff hangers as well as a very healthy dose of comedy. The storyline is one that is very easy to follow and the vocabulary isn’t too hard for a young adult. Overall, the characters combined with the plot and all of the other aspects of the story make for an excellent book.  I would definitely recommend this book to all of my male friends all well as any other young male who is looking for an entertaining and engaging quick read novel.


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