Visit The Word On The Street’s 2013 Literacy Partners in Literacy Lane!


CODE: Children reading in Tanzania

The Word On The Street Toronto is dedicated to the support and promotion of local literacy organizations. We show our support each year by providing free exhibit space to 20 literacy groups in our Exhibitor Marketplace to help them promote their programs, attract new tutors and volunteers, and raise funds.  In addition to providing free exhibit space we partner with some of these organizations to promote their presence at the festival and their programs through our media and marketing activities.

Read on to learn more about this year’s Literacy Partners, and don’t forget to visit their booths this Sunday, September 22nd in Literacy Lane!

ImageCODE, an NGO which advances literacy around the world, will help to build bridges between Canadian children and children in developing countries through a shared experience. On September 22nd, festival visitors (age 6-12) can attend a reading of a book that CODE has helped to publish overseas. and then be asked to fill out postcards on a topic related to the book. All postcards made at the festival will be distributed to children in an African country CODE works in.

Booth: LL9, LL10

ImageEast York Learning Experience: community-based, free one-to-one adult literacy tutoring. Stop by the East York Learning Experience booth on Literacy Lane for program info, to register for your chance to win awesome prizes in their Amazing Literacy Scavenger Hunt (registration fee varies based on team size of 1-6 players/$10-$20) and/or get your creative juices flowing and become a published author (on their website) in the Running Story event for just $5. Thank you for giving the gift of literacy!

Booth: LL17

ImageFirst Book Canada is a nonprofit organization that brings brand new, free books to children in need – they require that all the books granted to community organizations be given to kids so that they can start their personal libraries at home. Through their partnership with book publishers, they are able to provide new books and educational resources to kids who may be receiving their first book. For more information on First Book Canada’s programs, please visit

Booth: LL17

ImageSince 1899, Frontier College has been raising literacy levels for children, youth and adults all across Canada, in the communities that need us most. Join them for a round of Scrabble Slam! or bring your kids by for a game of Word Bingo. They’ll have a mountain of kids’ books to read and take home and hourly draws. Talk to Frontier College about volunteer opportunities and feel free to Tweet them using #FCatWOTS.

Booth: LL6, LL11

ImageAt Literature for Life, they believe that every woman should hold the pen that authors her life. They believe in reading as a powerful tool for social change and community animation. Literature for Life’s unique programming has changed the way literacy is taught. As  participants gather weekly, they evolve into readers, family librarians and their children’s first teachers. Join the ‘reading is power’ revolution; Tweet a pic with one of Literature for Life’s ambassadors @literature4life #blackwhiteandreadallover.

Booth: LL15


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