The Indifference League: Section 2: Chapters 9-11

9781459710368The Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of The Indifference League got started last week. Check out the conversation!

This week, book club leader Dave has a few questions based on Chapters 9 – 11. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point for any other thoughts or questions you may have too.

Part 2

1. What impression did the second appearance of Super Ken and Super Barbie make on you?

2. How does the second beach scene differ from the first?

3. Now that the Indifference League is mostly reformed, how has your opinion changed regarding its members? Have your opinions remained the same?


One thought on “The Indifference League: Section 2: Chapters 9-11

  1. First, I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the book. On one level it was a funny, light read, while on another, it offered some insightful, if at times biting commentary on our values. Now, to answer the questions:

    1. Perhaps I’m cynical, but I sensed that Ken and Barbie were just the kind to peak in high school. Not sure if their fate was “punishment” for hubris or narcissism, but I had an inkling that when we saw them the second time around, their looks would be gone and their relationship damaged. I’m wondering if anyone else thought this.

    2. The second beach scene is sadder than the first, with Mr, Nice Guy trying even harder to please. We also know more about the characters at this point and all have had their dose of reality.

    3. At this point, I feel pretty much the same about about the characters (likes, dislikes) as I did at the beginning of the book.

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