The Oakdale Dinner Club: Part 4

OakdaleDinnerClubcoverLabour Day is in the past, summer is coming to an end, and so is The Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of  The Oakdale Dinner Club!

This week, book club leader Liz has a few last questions based on Chapters 24 – the end. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point for any other thoughts or questions you may have too.

Thanks to all who’ve read along and shared their thoughts on the book!

Kim Moritsugu reads at the Vibrant Voices of Ontario Tent at 3:45 PM on Sunday, September 21st. 


Part Four: I can’t believe it’s over!

This time I’m sharing one of my favourite things to eat. I had to figure out how to cook it! I haven’t quite got it perfect, but I still love chicken shawarma.


  1. Does the discovery about Bob and Mary Ann’s marriage justify her actions?
  2. Danielle is my favourite character. There’s something about how she’s cursed to be a wonderful cook and seems a bit of a slave to everyone around her, but retains her own personality. Who is your favourite and why?
  3. Mary Ann and Alice’s telepathy seems to return, and it seems that their daughters have inherited their skill and closeness. Are they best friends? Is it more of a sisterly bond? Is it empathy?
  4. What really happened the night of the supper club meeting? Was food or drink to blame, or was it a mass form of telepathy, or was it something that was fated to happen? Did the members force it, or did they give in to it?

Thank you so much for being a part of this book club with me! It’s been an absolute pleasure. I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to The Word On The Street!


One thought on “The Oakdale Dinner Club: Part 4

  1. Mmm, shawarma! I think I know what I’m having for lunch today.

    I don’t know if Bob’s affair really justifies Mary Ann’s actions, but it does help to explain to her motivation. If you view it as just revenge against Bob, I guess that would be fine, but she doesn’t really seem to ever care very much about the other people whose lives might be impacted. In the end though, it all works out really well. Lucky Mary Ann!

    I think Alice is probably my favourite character. She’s funny, and the direction she takes her life is interesting. I also like how she manages to improve the babysitter’s life at the same time.

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