The Deadbeat Club – Part 3 (pages 158 – 229)

Deadbeat Club coverThe Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of The Deadbeat Club continues!

This week, book club leader Christine has questions based on page 158 (…Girl on the Ceiling) to page 229 (…Below the Salt)

Next week we’ll conclude with page 230 (…Shootout At the Ah-So-Easy) to page 303 (…Mountain High).

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to week three of the discussion. We are 3/4 of the way through the book – AMAZING! I want to thank you all again for taking the time to read and comment weekly. It has been a lot of fun in the comments! As always, please feel free to bring up your own questions as well.

We left off last week with the death of another character (is there a theme? haha) and the general consensus from the comments was that it was a pretty upsetting one. We get a nice character and bam! 😦

This week’s questions will look at the reading of: page 158 (…Girl on the Ceiling) to page 229 (…Below the Salt) – btw for any Supernatural fans, did the chapter title of “Girl on the Ceiling” bring back any feelings? 😉

1. The more we read of Grey and Dara – I’m slowly coming to the realization that I really don’t know much about Dara at all. One particular line really intrigued me and I hope that they will develop this further and that was: “Happy. She had just dodged going back to her mother’s basement, something that scared her more than facing Nick Rosco” (163). What do you think of Dara? Do we think she’s reliable and trustworthy? I don’t know why…but I just have a bad feeling about her! What do you think about this particular passage in general? It is meant to “build” Dara, but at the same time, I’m feeling quite disconnected from her as a character.

2. This book has given us an inside look into the drug selling world but it has barely focused on the effects of drugs. I found that in this week’s reading we got more of that, but more amped up! We saw before Dara and Grey smoking Eight Miles High, but in this section, we got to see what happened to Nick when he was drugged by Grey. Pot largely surrounds this book so it was an interesting change to see other drugs come into play. What do you think about introducing this other component of drugs? Was it simply a plot device to maneuver the scene where Jaelene steals from Nick? Is it weird that the focus is not really on Eight Miles High at all?

3. The last chapter we read from this section ends with some craziness. We are finally seeing the drug war come to the frontlines of the book. We are seeing “crews” develop and solidify. Grey does not seem like the fighting type, but his friend is missing and dead and he seems to be “on the run” to avoid trouble. What do you hope to see with Grey? Do you think that he’ll stand up and take action?

As always, please share other questions you may have about the reading. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you next week for our final reading! 🙂



5 thoughts on “The Deadbeat Club – Part 3 (pages 158 – 229)

  1. Omg I didn’t even clue in on “Girl on the Ceiling” until you MENTIONED IT. As a Supernatural fan, I’m kind of ashamed to admit that, but thanks for that Christine, that’s a cool little easter egg! ;D

    1. That quote is interesting to me because here we are with yet another instance where there’s a sentence that’s (I think) meant to build the character, or at least pique your interest in the character, and it does so without telling you anything specific, we’re meant to infer it based on what we’ve been given. In this case, Kalteis is not telling us what scares her about going back to her mom’s basement – is she scared that moving back to her mom’s place means she’s failing in her life, or could it be that her mom or other family member living in the house is abusive? We can certainly guess based on the information we’ve been given so far, but it’s hard to say for sure.

    I don’t dislike Dara or have a bad feeling about her, personally…but I also can’t say that I find her trustworthy. I don’t feel like I’ve learned enough about her yet to make any assumptions!

    I’m hoping that in the last 1/4 of the book, we’ll get more info on Dara’s background as well as her personality. She’s one of the characters I was most intrigued by at the beginning, but she hasn’t had much action thus far…it’s more been things happening TO her (Nick being a jerk to her, Grey rescuing her), as opposed to her doing things.

    2. I agree, it was definitely an interesting change to see different drugs after it’s mostly been pot and alcohol up until now. I think Grey had just had enough of Nick’s crap for one night, and decided to mess with him – so he probably figured it would be fun or make him feel better to inconvenience Nick. I don’t think it had anything to do with Jaelene stealing from Nick though, because that had already happened the night before and I think that was Travis’ plot?

    I do think it’s kind of strange that there isn’t a whole lot of talk going on about Eight Miles High! I know that Travis wants to recruit Grey for his weed-growing skills, and that’s part of why this gang war is going on, but it’s yet another thing in this book that’s not mentioned specifically…not very often, anyway.

    3. Yet again, intense action happened suddenly/without much warning!! This has happened more than once and I’m still not prepared for it when it happens lol. I think Grey is overwhelmed right now. He’s pretty laid-back and basically just wants to grow his weed and go about his business knocking jerks over with his bike. I don’t think he’s prepared in any way for the violence that’s happening right now or the violence that’s imminent. On that last page (229), Dara’s the one stepping up and taking control of the situation, saying definitively that they’re going to wait for their friends, and then they’re going to continue with their plans.

    I do hope Grey steps up and gets more involved in the action. He was pitched as the main character, so I’d gotten it in my head that he was going to be heavily involved in the action/story, which hasn’t really happened so far. Having said that, I think in the last maybe 100 pages, he’s had a bit more of a role…still hoping for more main-character-level things to happen though.

    Aw I can’t believe next week is our final week already!

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for commenting 🙂 Glad you enjoyed that little Supernatural point haha 😉
      I think so far I’ve been surprised a few times by the book, so I really feel uneasy about characters. That’s probably why I’m reluctant to trust Dara and think that she has good intentions.
      Sorry about that! I read this a while back and thought that the drugging happened before the Jaelene incident happened which actually would’ve been ok too. But yes, it is very strange they don’t mention Eight Miles High much at all. I remember when I was at a book event and some people were looking at the book clubs to sign up, the fact that the book featured drug content actually deterred readers which is unfortunate because the drug component is not the focal point of the book at all. It is more about the environment and the characters and their experiences.
      Same here! I keep hoping for the typical narrative that the main-character goes on!

      • I definitely understand why you’d be apprehensive about certain things in the book (including characters) because I’ve also been surprised a few times in the book! There are some events that you think are going one way, and then they do a complete 180…it can be very abrupt.

        No worries! I think the only reason I remembered the order of events is because I read it the night before I posted above, so it was pretty fresh in my mind.

        To each their own I guess, but I personally find these kinds of stories interesting! It definitely gives you a look into the people behind all the drug trafficking, and all the strategy, effort, and violence that goes into maintaining their claim on their territory.

        • I agree about things taking crazy turns; I honestly didn’t want to get too attached to anyone or anything in this story because as I was reading, I couldn’t trust who they would be or what they would do, and that was unsettling. So I was pretty distanced from the story because of that. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s what happened!

          And I didn’t really think about the drugs as a point/not a point to the story (because I like reading some pretty twisted stuff, so I tend to take it as it comes), but yeah I kind of like that we get this insight into the people behind the story. I think when it comes to violence and drug stories, it helps make the characters more sympathetic or easier to understand by seeing who they are. (Breaking Bad comes to mind – Walt could be just some drug kingpin who I would normally hate but because of all the other stuff we learn, I can’t hate him). I guess it’s just more real.

          I hope any of this made sense, it’s been a while since I finished the book!

    • I ended up reading the two sections at once. And I just wanted to comment – there is a part where she also says that her mothers partner was “a good guy” which was awful to think about but true – so what is it that scares her about the basement? Certainly fending off Nick roscoe and rival drug gangs faxes her less. Like you said very intriguing!

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