The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan – Part 3 (pages 153 – 242)

The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan CoverThe Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan continues!

This week, book club leader Karen has questions based on pages 153 – 242.

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Part 4 – Ch 24 – End

Hey friends! We’re three quarters done! I hope you’ve been enjoying The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan and our discussions so far; I know I have!

I think this is one of my favourite parts of the book. I really enjoyed reading about Benny and Henry’s developing friendship, and as someone who is pretty competitive, I love Henry’s determination! So, here’s my first question:

1. Do you think Henry Morgan has what it takes to beat Benny in chess? Why or why not?

2. In this section, we not only see Benny’s friendship with Henry develop, we’ve also seen his “relationship” with Tessie grow stronger as well. What do you make of this relationship? Is it just a great companionship, or is there something more to it? (Benny did ask for a kiss on page 189, after all…)

3. Benny suffers from a recurring nightmare where he’s at his grandfather’s wake and finds something shocking in the casket. Why do you think he keeps having this nightmare? What’s the significance of it?

As always, please feel free to add your own comments and questions in the comment section! I know I didn’t get around to talking about the 3rd expedition, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan – Part 3 (pages 153 – 242)

  1. 1. I don’t know if either of them wants Morgan to win! What would happen to Benny? Does the father ever beat the son? Should a decorated Captain and member of the aristocracy beat the young man who’s triumphed over the system and has carefully honed a craft?

    2. I think he’s flirting with her. Benny and Tessie have sweet dispositions, but the world hasn’t been very good to them. I like the respect they have for one another. Another question would be, what would Benny do if she fell for him?

    3. Maybe having so much (relative) good fortune and some relaxing time for the first time in his life Benny is free to explore his happiness. Is making a lot of money worth it if you don’t like how you made it? Benny’s not a killer. What happens when you have to be someone ghastly to survive?

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