I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better – Part 4 (pages 179 – 231)

Monica Heisey- I Can't Believe-final cover -april 2015Summer is coming to an end, and so is The Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better!

This week, book club leader Michele has a few last questions based on page 179 to the end of the book. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point for any other thoughts or questions you may have too.

Thanks to all who’ve read along and shared their thoughts on the book!

Monica Heisey reads at the Vibrant Voices of Ontario Tent at 1:30 PM – 1:45 PM on Sunday, September 27th.

4th Section: (pg 179-231)

“S-E-X-X-X and Love” and “Our Modern World”

  1. Among a chapter filled with a light-hearted list of turn-ons and a quiz about flirting, Heisey discusses a fairly serious and eye-opening subject: the harassment that she, and definitely (too) many other women, face online on a constant basis due to what they write about. We’ve all heard the term “internet troll,” and ignoring them is easier said than done. How have you previously handled a volatile situation, whether in person or online?
  1. Facebook is constantly updating, whether we like the changes or not. I am definitely a fan of the improved privacy features from what it was many years ago, but there are certainly other things that could do with some fixing or explaining. If given the chance, what ONE thing would you ask Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook?
  1.  Thanks to Netflix and other similar streaming programs, it now lets us spend hours – or days – watching an entire TV series. Heisey lists some of her tips on how to prepare yourself for hours of TV, but what are your own Netflix rituals? What was the last show you binge-watched, and what’s on your list to watch next?

That’s it for the book club discussion for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! Thank you all for stopping in to chat with me about it, and I look forward to meeting everyone at The Word On The Street on September 27!


6 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better – Part 4 (pages 179 – 231)

  1. 1) I’m very fortunate in that I haven’t dealt with any volatile individuals online yet (though that’s probably because I don’t have a particularly active online presence). In person too, I’ve been quite lucky and have had very few altercations with others. I did have one (and there may have been others) on the TTC a few years ago. A man spit at and insulted me. I just walked away because I was scared and really didn’t know what else to do. Much to my relief, he didn’t follow me and a nice lady came and kept me company and made sure I was okay. It was a scary situation, but I know it could have been a lot worse. I have friends who have been harassed a number of times and I honestly don’t know how they handle that sort of thing.

    2) I honestly have no idea what (if anything) I would want to ask him. Though I use facebook regularly, I don’t really care about the business or technical side of things.

    3) My “rituals” (if we want to call them that) are just to make sure I’m comfortable (ie wearing pajamas or less than that), maybe make sure I have a bit of food or a bottle of water, I also prefer to have relative quiet while I’m watching TV, so I might close the windows or something to cut off some of the outside noise. That’s about it really.

    As for the last show I binge-watched, that’d be Orange is the New Black. And the next one on my list…there are many, though I’m actually trying not to start new shows right now considering I already have so many current ones on my plate.

    • OMG. I *also* had a guy spit at me on the TTC once!! Unfortunately he DID follow me & my then-roommate off the streetcar, followed us down the street and ended up grabbing my phone out of my hand as we ran after him down a side street! That was CRAZY.
      I’ve only seen a couple of Orange Is the New Black but everyone’s been telling me to stick with it because it gets really good.. I’ll have to go back to it at some point 🙂

      Thanks for participating in the Word on the Street book club discussions!

  2. 1. I can’t say I’ve faced many trolls or volatile people personally, but I try to not let them get to me or ignore the caustic things they might say, and (if possible), avoid interacting with them again.

    2. I don’t really think there’s anything pressing I’d want to ask Mark Zuckerberg (I don’t really know much about him, and am sort of only grudgingly still using facebook). I mean, if I were to really get the chance to talk to Zuckerberg, I probably wouldn’t talk to him about my Facebook habits or annoyances.

    3. I like to be wearing comfortable clothing and having some sort of beverage (usually water) close by. If I’m not particularly invested in what I’m watching, I’ll often knit while watching. Right now I’m watching the X Files, and my to-watch list is pretty long; I’ve only just started this series so it should keep me going for a while. My binge-watching is usually more of a jog through a series.

  3. 1. I have been so fortunate to not have had to experience this type of a situation. I tend to stay away from stressful situations online. I can’t say what I would do but saying everything I needed to say and then ignoring them would be the I hope to conduct myself if it ever comes to it.

    2. I rarely use facebook. I don’t know how half the stuff works besides how to change my profile picture. I’m really not a fan of it.

    3. I just like to be in bed and comfortable with some snacks within arms reach. Sense8 was the last show that I binge watched and I loved it. I just really like having the choice of starting and stopping the story whenever I wanted. The next one would be to rewatch Avatar the Last Airbender, but that’s definitely going to take at least 3 days.

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