The Deadbeat Club – Part 4 (pages 230 – 303)

Deadbeat Club cover

Summer is coming to an end, and so is The Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of The Deadbeat Club!

This week, book club leader Christine has a few last questions based on page 230 to the end of the book. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point for any other thoughts or questions you may have too.

Thanks to all who’ve read along and shared their thoughts on the book!

Dietrich Kalteis reads at the Great Books Marquee at 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM on Sunday, September 27th.

Hi everyone! Welcome to our last week of discussion. This month has completely flown by and it has been such a wonderful experience to read and discuss this book with you all. Thank you again for taking time to read and comment regularly. Because of that, we got some really great conversation flowing in the past three weeks in the comments. So without further ado, lets move forward with the final discussion questions.

1) We left off last week with the drug war really unravelling and coming to the forefront. Were you surprised to see that the cops had more involvement in the final chapters? I felt that they really developed more for me (Lance especially) in the final chapters. It’s interesting because we truly did move away from the typical hero story where we follow Grey.

2) How did you feel about Nick Rosco’s end? Were you expecting it at all?

3) Were you satisfied with how the entire story wrapped up? Specifically what about character specific narratives like Grey, Dara and Travis?

4) Lastly, to bring it back to a question I asked in the first week about titles… Now that we’ve finished the book, what do you make of the title The Deadbeat Club? What do you think it means having finished the book? Who specifically is “TDC”?

As always, feel free to add your own questions as well in the comments.

Thank you again for participating in the book club! I hope you had a wonderful time. I hope to see you all next month at The Word On The Street!



12 thoughts on “The Deadbeat Club – Part 4 (pages 230 – 303)

  1. I loved the cops involvement in the last few chapters!

    And yeah we did move away from. Grey didn’t we? Actually in general it wasn’t a very standard “hero’s story” at all. It really was TV show-like. Funny enough I think this kind of ending really did seem to prove that, while incredibly important, the characters were secondary. It seemed to me that whistler and the setting was the permanent thing here. That and that there will always be a dark and seedy underbelly. (Pot moves out, gambling and escort services move in). Travis, Grey, Dara, Lance and Jimmy – they’re all transient.

    • I definitely agree with you about it being TV-show-like. From the start, it’s reminded me of The Wire because of how gritty it is, and it tells a bunch of different people’s stories, as opposed to focusing in on a main character (even though the back says the main character is Grey). I like what you said about there always being that dark underbelly – if it’s not one thing, it’s another! – very true.

  2. Ooh Nicky’s end. It seemed abrupt. A bit expected. I certainly cheered though. I feel like it was appropriate in a sense that Nicky was a loose canon and that he ended in a similar fashion but at the same time it was simultaneously unexpected because it didn’t really build up to it (with the exception of the preceding three paragraphs)

    I don’t know part of me wishes Nick knew he was an ass before being killed on the other hand, in terms of events and sequence of action it was absolutely appropriate

  3. Strangely enough I was left a bit unsatisfied. I wanted something else to happen. I’m not sure what? Certainly not tragic. I felt a bit upset with Pete leaving for some reason. I wanted him to come back! And stay with Goob!

    But let me think here; I think it came away too neatly. Travis taking off. Same with Grey, totally reinforces two things – that the two were definitely meant to reflect one another; and that secondly lends credence to he fact that it is whistler that is the permanent character here.

    I’ll have to think more about this!

  4. Not gonna lie. I’m going to need to re read the chapter titles. I’m just not good with reading titles before continuing!! Haha

  5. Oh! I have my own question comment to add – you know – after finishing the book and reading the back cover again – I feel like the back cover didn’t actually accurately portray the book. I’m not sure how yet but it gives off a different impression.

    Also not going to lie, I actually came around to really liking it. I think I might read it again!

  6. Thank you for the thought-provoking questions, Christine! I think our weekly discussions made me think a lot more about the story and characters, and helped me enjoy it even more than I would have 🙂 And thanks to everyone at Word on the Street who put this book club together, it’s a great idea!

    1. I liked that we finally got to see the cops in action in the last section of the book! We saw them throughout, doing their jobs and everything, but they finally got some action in the field. I definitely agree with you, I found that Lance got a lot more development in this section, which was nice to see. Also, I wasn’t expecting Jimmy to get a love interest so that was a funny addition to his story line 😉

    2. I was absolutely expecting Nick Rosco to have a downfall and I was glad when it came. He was so reckless and in that kind of business, you just can’t be like that because you’re gonna piss people off and it’s gonna get you killed. Like a lot of other events in the book though, it was abrupt and I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to happen right that moment. I was expecting more of a build-up, but then again, most of the action in this book was pretty sudden!

    3. Overall, I had mixed feelings about the ending. I like it when authors address what the characters are planning on doing in the aftermath of the conflict and resolution, so I was satisfied in that respect. For example, I don’t like that Pete left (without Goob!!), but I’m glad that I know what he did to avoid further trouble, you know? On the other hand, all the love and couples felt a little strange amid all the other things that happened. I’m a sucker for happy endings, but after all the violence and darkness in the book, it did feel like a little too clean of an ending for me.

    4. I really had to think about this one! Whew. The Google definition of “deadbeat” is “a person who tries to evade paying debts.” In one way or another, this can probably be applied to everyone in the story, but I think it’s mostly referring to Grey, Travis, and their crews. They grow and distribute illegal substances, and then they avoid getting caught. I think in a way, this can be seen as evading paying debts because in this case, serving time would be their punishment/debt for what they’ve done. I’d be interested to know what others think about this!

    See you this month at WotS!

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