About Us

The Word On The Street Toronto is part of the biggest, the brightest, the best literary festival in Canada!

The Word On The Street is a non-profit organization that celebrates Canadian reading and writing, and champions literacy primarily through a free, annual outdoor festival.  Each September, in communities from coast to coast, we invite everyone to participate in hundreds of author events, presentations and workshops, and to browse a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere.   And it’s free!

The Word On The Street Toronto will celebrate its 25th festival at Queen’s Park Circle on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014.   Be sure to visit our website to learn more: http://www.thewordonthestreet.ca/wots/toronto

Contact us:

The Word On The Street Toronto

67 Mowat Ave, Suite 242

Toronto, ON M6K 3E3

Phone: 416-504-7241  Fax: 416-5047656

Email: toronto@thewordonthestreet.ca

One thought on “About Us

  1. I am a writer who self-published three novels this year and I have two children’s books coming out next year. I would really like to attend your festival and rent a very tiny booth – but I am having trouble finding an on-line application or something telling me how to go about participating on this site? I will check again, but there does not seem to be anything in the way of instructions on how to do this thing?

    Deron Rennick 519 – 249 – 9576
    email – snarlyg@gmail.com

    PS. I did contact somebody by phone and they were to send me instructiions today, and didn’t. (Stuff happens.) Still, they mentioned that there were very few booths left, so I do not want to leave this much longer.

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