Man in the Shadows: Part 2 – Chapter 10–20

ManInTheShadowsThe Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of Man in the Shadows got started last week. Check out the conversation!

This week, book club leader Lila has a few questions based on Chapters 10 – 20. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point for any other thoughts or questions you may have too.

Part 2:

1. Until the very end of Part 2 we still have only heard about, but not yet met, Thomas D’Arcy McGee. Why do you think the author chooses to keep McGee physically “off-camera” to this point?

2. We see a number of relationships between men and women in the book to this point: Thomas & Margaret, McGee & Mary, Mcdonald & Agnes, Conor & Meg. Are there any themes in these relationships? The main characters are all male, but what is the significance of the female characters in the book?

3. We’re at the midpoint of the novel. Any predictions about the mysterious assassin, the title’s “man in the shadows”? 


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